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Hi there! My name is Dick Tayder and I really love sexy black women. DickAnd, I really love sex. And, I really love porn. So, naturally, I have combined my interests in one place. I hope you enjoy my selections. Let me know if you find any other fine black sweeties I should feature here. In the meantime, enjoy my finds of the nastiest black porn actresses right here.

If chocolate heat makes you as horny as it does me, I’m sure you’ve been searching for the kind of porn that you can watch over and over again to get you off. I love to imagine myself in the company of two young and eager little nymphets with one riding my cock in the cowgirl position while one rides her pussy on my face. Or, maybe it is a sexy lapdance and strip tease in front of a bunch of guys and then an all out gangbang with a gusher of cum dripping from her pretty brown face at the end.

A lotta people been asking me what some of my favorite videos are. Well, most of them are actually various series like "Mama Turned Me Out" and "Orgyworld Brown and Round." So, check out all of my favorites on the next page here.

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Dick says, "Some of the hottest sex scenes in porn involve beautiful black women. Their ebony skin is so smooth and sensuous. Did you even notice that black skin hides wrinkles and blemishes? It’s remarkable how a young black lady can look so good even without makeup. And, even beyond their physical beauty, I find that African American chicks have a sassy attitude and independent streak that makes them so irresistible. They can be the most gracious polite ladies in public but possess an insatiable sexual appetite in private. Truly “a lady in the street and a freak in the sheets!”
But, while in real life there are many petite ebony sex vixens (love the pay-for-play girls), they aren’t so common in porn. The popular black porn is more along the lines of the badunkadunk, big-ass, booty-shaking, monster titty variety. Sure, that has its place and there’s nothing wrong with it for those who like the sistas with a little junk in the trunk, but I like the slim goodies out there.
So, for your reference, I decided to compile a list of my favorite XXX black porn stars and some notes about their scenes and performances. I invite you to read on to see if you agree.  Welcome to my hot chocolate-focused, creampie-filled obsession."

My favorites

Meka Johnson

Meka is a brown-skinned little hottie with a seemingly insatiable appetite Meka Johnsonfor sex. Her tiny waist is highlighted by perky little breasts, a button nose, with a sparkle in her eyes. Not to mention a little firm ass custom made for squeezing. She has a million dollar smile and is not afraid to smile in her scenes. She likes to look into the eyes of her man while giving him a blowjob and smiling her cute smile. Meka Johnson

She really makes it look like she is having fun. She’s got no inhibitions about doing it with multiple guys, multiple girls, orgies, indoors, outdoors, etc. Some of my favorite scenes include one called “Superwhore” where she’s in an interracial gangbang in a garage while her boyfriend in the scene watches from “Gang Bangin’ Party Girls.”  Another hot one involves her and India on a bed with a guy in “Whack Attack 2”.  Meka is not a very talkative girl and when she does speak her voice is lower than you’d expect from such a cute young-looking girl.  Unfortunately, Meka’s scenes are few and far between so when you find one, make a note of it! Some of her videos can be found here



If any black porn performer can be called a “porn star,”  India would surely be one.  Pornstar IndiaShe has been in many scenes and seems to have successfully made a career in mainstream porn (as opposed to just “black porn”). India turns up in a lot of videos that are in widespread circulation. She’s also popular on the Internet with her own website (IndiasPlayhouse.com) and released her own Hip Hop CD titled “Role Play.” 

India resembles the mainstream actress Stacy Dash.  India’s dark brown skin tone is luscious and her trademark armband bracelet gives her a little bit of exotic flavor. India’s scenes tend to be less hardcore and usually involve sensuous kissing and cuddling. Her personality is rather low key. But, what makes her scenes really hot is that she has a facial expression which gives the impression of being in a state of pure bliss while fucking—watch her eyes roll back in her head and let out a few little moans to see what I mean.  India is equally at home with girl-girl or with straight sex scenes. She’s been a fixture of the “Sista” series appearing in many scenes.

Pornstar IndiaOne my favorite examples of her sensual skills is in the title, “A Passage Through India” where she fucks a dude who thinks she looks like his ex. Another of my favorites involves India in a scene in a church (really) in an orgy with several guys and another ebony porn star, Caramel. You can find that scene in Nasty Video Magazine Volume 3.  If you like watching lesbian orgies, a scene from Sista 9 involves India, Monique, Chocolate, Mocha, and Dee.  India was in both of “Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle” videos with a hot scene in the second one involving her washing a car with a couple girls and then fucking a male clown (interesting). 

And, one of her latest hot performances was in “Lil’ Jon & the Eastside Boyz American Sex Series” where she starts with a girl girl and is soon joined by a guy. Hotmovies.com has a whole section of India's videos to watch online. Check them out here.



She is one of the most aggressive performers in porn. Monique was an Pornstar Moniqueexotic dancer with a toned thin body and dark skin. If you like watching a girl screaming in ecstasy, Monique is your girl for sure. Like India, Monique is one of the few black girls whose been able to work in a variety of adult films.

She’s been a prolific performer and often turns up unexpectedly in many videos as a token ethnicPornstar Monique character. Monique has a more mature look and she definitely is willing to get down and dirty in some of the nastiest scenes you can imagine, yelling and screaming all the way!  Because of her background, she has the moves of a dancer so some of her acrobatic fucking poses are remarkable. One of my favorite scenes is a hot black lesbian orgy from Sista 9 that involves India, Chocolate, Mocha, and Dee. 

I also liked her in a scene in Sista 8 with Meka. Monique has done everything from BDSM, orgies, public sex, and has a major appetite for cum. She’s even been a producer and director with her series Chocoholics. If you like your black girls buffed, loud, and nasty, Monique is your girl. She's done so many scenes it's practically impossible to list them all. But, a lot of them are in the videos here.

Pornstar MoniquePornstar Monique

Exploited Black Teens


I remember in an episode of Happy Days when Fonzie one time bragged about dating twin sisters.  Pornstar ChocolateAt the time I thought that seemed strange since my own two sisters fought all the time and I couldn’t imagine actually trying to date sisters, let alone twins. Then, along came Chocolate and her twin sister Mocha. Can you say, ‘incest?’  Well, maybe not on camera but these two come about as close as legally allowed. And, even better, both are small with the tightest little bodies, wet pussies, and bite-sized nipples. Pornstar Chocolate

Scenes with both are truly memorable, especially when it is both of them on one guy (the scenes where they are with two or more guys are hot too but not that out of the ordinary).  Chocolate appears to be a little quieter than her sister Mocha but when it comes to fucking and sucking, she doesn’t hold back. Both sisters are really into lesbianism as well so the scenes where the sisters are eating sistas are mega hot.  Chocolate has done many scenes without her sister which are entertaining but when you watch you can’t help thinking, “I wish her sister was also in this scene.” 

I guess that’s what happens when you split up an act (Donny and Marie aren’t nearly as popular individually, for example).  To get a nice compilation, look for the videos, “The Twins,” (the first scene with both sisters having fun with a white dude in the bedroom is fantastic) and “The Twins 2.”   They also starred to together in a freaky scene in “Gangland White Boy Stomp 3.”  Chocolate gets kudos as an individual performer, but without her sister, her performances are just kind of average.



Pornstar MochaThis is one nasty little sister (literally, she is a twin with Chocolate).  They are soPornstar Mochainto sex with guys and girls that it is hard to believe they haven’t done each other.

No such luck on film, though, but they do come (pun intended) pretty close. Mocha has a more aggressive side from her sister and so even in solo scenes without her twin she does a pretty good job at eroticism. She did a great scene in Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle video where she coaches a dude into anal fucking a girl on a pool table. Lovely.  Pornstar MochaPornstar Mocha




Lil’ Baby

Despite choosing a rather dumb stage name, Lil’ Baby redeems herself by being Pornstar Lil Babywilling to fuck anyone anywhere. She is a more recent actress with a sweet little face and an innocent look. But, the innocent look is just a mirage since she gets it on with ease with both girls and guys. Pornstar Lil Baby

I love her scene in “Sista’s Bustin’ White Nut” where she is in an orgy of half a dozen girls and one guy. While the dude takes turns fucking each of the girls, Lil’ Baby alternates between eating pussy and getting her pussy eaten on the couch.  Another interesting scene was in “Horny Black Mothers & Daughters” with her “mama.”  Lil’ Baby hasn’t done that many movies. Nevertheless, she is worth looking for. 


You know those tall skinny black girls that put in blond braids? No? Well, check out Kafe. She’s shot some of her scenes with short dark hair but the long blond Pornstar Kafebraids gives her sort of a goofy ghetto look that is very very hot. Pornstar Kafe

Imagine this tall skinny young girl riding your cock with those bouncy blond braids swishing over your chest. She has cute little tits and a tight ass that looks delicious. This is a girl that appears to have an innocent look but once she’s naked, her pussy takes control and get ready for no holes barred (literally) sex. 

Kafe’s best scenes include one with two guys on the kitchen Kafefloor in “Chocolate Anal Cream Puffs #4,” a gangbang in “Black Cheerleader Gang Bang #3,” and even participated in Orgy World’s Brown and Round #3 (those girls are typically a bit more curvy than Kafe). 

One of my favorite scenes is in "Feeling Black #7" where she teams with Angel Love and two guys for a sweet little foursome. Sadly, Kafe is not that into girls and so girl girl lovers may be disappointed. However, she does seem to make up for it by being willing to take on as many guys as will have her!  She gets attention for her sweet looks but without some more lesbo scenes, I can’t give her a higher rating.

Exploited Black Teens


Lacey DuValle

Lacey burst onto the scene a while back and blazed a trail to near superstardom on the adult scene before fading a bit. She is one of the few petite black stars that is an active escort. 

Pornstar Lacey DuvalleShe is a light skinned girl with big tits on a small body. She is very into girls and some of her hottest scenes are withPornstar Lacey Duvalle other chicks. But, she can make a man very happy, too. Her videos can be found all over the place.  One of my favorites includes “Lacey DuValle Exposed.”

Hotmovies.com has over 135 online videos of Lacey. You can check out the list here.





Marie Luv

Why do so many porn stars share the last name, ‘Love?’  Well, who cares. Marie is a dynamic performer that can be really aggressive when it comes to sex. She fucks Pornstar Marie Luvwhoever she wants, when she wants. You get the feeling that any man that says no to her will end up with a swift kick to the nuts.

Marie is fairly tall but with a super tight and toned body. She has a deep voice too. If you like your little black girl speaking sweetly and wearing little lace outfits, you may want to pass on Marie Luv. But, if Pornstar Marie Luvyou are looking for a nymphomaniac lioness with a nasty mouth (in both word and deed) then Marie Love will surely float your boat.

Most of Marie’s early scenes were with men only since she has just in the past couple years discovered the pleasure of girl girl sex (thankfully).  Pornstar Marie LuvHer star is on the rise in the industry but still is friendly to the little people. Some favorite scenes include “Fuck Me Harder White Boy 2,” “Gangland White Boy Stomp 15,” “1 Dick 2 Chicks,” and “Big Black Wet Asses 3.”  Marie Luv earns appreciation in the business because of her unbridaled ambition and will rise to the top if she keeps doing what she is doing and getting it on with every man and woman she can find.

Hotmovies.com features a whole section of Marie Luv videos. Check it out here.



Heather Hunter

Although she is no longer actively making adult movies, Heather made her mark a few years ago with her tiny body and big personality. This was one girl that Pornstar Heather Hunterseemed like she could never get enough sex yet was not a really prolific performer. (Nowadays she's pursuing a music career.)

Some of her movies are now getting hard to find. Heather comes from the era when studios put out full Pornstar Heather Huntervideos of the star in a variety of scenes. Some of my favorites with Heather in multiple performances include: “Vivid Girl Confidential: Heather Hunter,” “Honeywood,” “Girls Only: Heather,” and “Dear John.” 

Hotmovies.com has a section devoted to Heather so you can find some of her movies and videos here.



Black Girl Porn Videos


Sandi Jackmon

Pornstar Sandi JackmonSandi hit the porn scene like a bat outta hell last year. She's got an exotic look with the sexiest eyes since Bette Davis. Long straight black hair and a cute button nose round out her facial features. But, have a look a little lower and you'll see that the tits on this girl could be used as flotation devices for half a dozen men! Yeah, they are the best that man can make, but still, they look delicious. I met Sandi a few years ago. She is a real sweetheart but quite the little freak!

Sandi also has been credited with the name "Sandy" so keep an eye out for both of them. She was an exotic dancer in Las Vegas and she appeared in nude photos on the foxes.com glamour nude site. ApparentlyPornstar Sandy Jackman getting naked by herself in front of the camera wasn't quite enough for her and now she's jumped into hardcore big time! Lucky for us, this sista is down for both men and women.

Pornstar Sandi JackmanSome of Sandi's recent hot scenes can be found in: "Only Handjobs 6," "Get Black In Here!," "Pimp Juice 3," "Big Phat Black Ghetto Azz Chocolate Cream Pies," "Dippin' Chocolate #7" (one of my personal faves!), "Black Feet On Booty Street 4," "Bubble Bursting Butts #6," and "Black And Boobalicious #1." Watch online here.



Jade Deluna

I found this awesome little hottie in a scene from "Mama Turned Me Out 3"Jade in the perfect position and she was awesome as a tiny blonde-haired black cheerleader who gets it on with her friends mom. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell which name went with which scene so I lost track of her. Then, she turned up on the cover of "Black Cheerleader Search 95" and I discovered who she is. A hot little 19 year old by the name of Jade Deluna. Jade DelunaJade's Escort Pic

I just love her petite little body (5'1") and perky tits. Her long dyed-blonde hair and big brown eyes are real turn ons. Oh, and she is a nasty freak, in case you are wondering.

She is equally as turned on by boys or by girls. I hope she does a few group scenes in the future cause that would be unbelievably hot. By the way, she's been known to turn up as an escort in New York and also worked at the Mustang Ranch near Reno. So, if you feel the urge to pop one off in person instead of on your Cute Jade Delunascreen, you might just have a chance. And if you want me to give her a try and report back, feel free to send me a Sexy Jade Delunadonation! In the meantime, enjoy her in a couple other favorites: "Horny Black Mothers and Daughters 6," "Lesbian Dyme Pieces 9," "Perverted POV 5," and "Cumswapping Headliners 14"






Bella Moretti

Bella MorettiThis little hustler burst onto the XXX scene a few Bella Morettiyears ago from Las Vegas. She's been blasting her way through movie after movie with guys, girls, threesomes, orgies--you name it and she seems to be doing it. She's also tearing up the web with online pay-per-view shows. She is tall and thin with the sassy attitude I love. Once you hear the sound of her voice you won't forget it. One of my favorite scenes is Bella and another black chick attacking a dude in the office in "Office Freaks 4." She gets down and dirty on the desk with both in every position imaginable. Another is "Black Lesbian Hunters" where she gets it on playing an innocent little cheerleader while a couple of other older black cheerleaders initiate her into the nasty ways of a girl-girl (and girl) threesome.





Honorable mentions

Some of these girls are old timers past their prime. Some have only done a few scenes. Some are not the petite type girls that I prefer. Nevertheless, they are sexy in their own way. So, here’s a few more names worth checking out for something new. Stay tuned for updates and information coming soon!

  Sinnamon Love (super freaky)   Honey Dip
  Obsession (tiny)   Kapri Styles
  Mya Mason (tiny)   Angel Kelly
  Sexy Brown Chocolate   Promise
  Diana DeVoe (super freaky)   Caramel
  Macy   Dominique Simone
  Nefertiti   Menage a ‘trois
  Tyra Banxxx   Kennedy
  Dena Cali   Melrose Foxxx
  Hypnotiq   Bronze

One last mention: the mainstream actress Stacey Dash did a hot nude love scene in the movie Illegal in Blue. She plays a sultry lounge singer caught up in a murder, dirty cops, a sleazy club owner, suicide, etc. It's no best picture Oscar winner but Stacey Dash (who looks like pornstar India) is smoking hot. Considering that in her next movie she was a high school student in Clueless, well, I'll leave that to your imagination.

On to the next page where I write about some of my favorite black girl porn video series. Check it out>






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